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Super Simple Spicy Frotha Hot Cocoa

I’ve been seeing all these posts on Facebook of day long snow romps from friends and family on the East Coast where I am from. Though I sit in eighty degree heat in Los Angeles, I can’t help but remember the thing I always looked forward to when I finally went back in the house . . . hot cocoa!

So, for all you snowed in and played out East Coasters, here is a crazy easy hot cocoa recipe to use with your Frotha.

First I poured almond milk (you can use any kind of milk) into a mug to the amount I desired. I then added the following:

2 heaping teaspoons unsweetened cocoa
¼ teaspoon chili powder
1 dash ground cinnamon
1 tiny dash cayenne pepper
½ packet of powdered stevia (or 1-2 teaspoons sugar or to taste)

photo 1

Always remember that in recipes like this, it is important to adjust the flavors the way you like them. Feel free to omit or add other spices.

Then, I used the Frotha to blend the ingredients together. It was so good, I could have just had it cold!
photo 2

Next I put it in a saucepan to heat it up. When heated, I used the Frotha again to froth up the cocoa. It made it nice and light.

photo 3

Then, it was ready and I could taste the spices and chocolate as they blended together on my palette. Then I thought about all my cold, out of work family and friends who just finished shoveling their driveways might just love to look forward to this yummy hot drink.

photo 4

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