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chopping-veggies "My Masha's great. The kids love the creamy potato, and I can't get over how nice my guacamole turns out every time we have friends around." — Julie Morris

Coming Soon!

The all new "Blenda" is a 1200 watt, 2.0 Litre, commercial-quality blender, tailored to household use.  It has electronic speed control from 5,000 rpm to 21,000 rpm with square jug, and a low-profile design for safe, stable operation.

Lionfish Oceanwear

Lionfish White Logo Lionfish Oceanwear is a men’s lifestyle brand that is dedicated to designing activewear for the mature man. We make clothes for people like us – people who love the ocean, surfing, diving, and fishing, and people who want to show their lifestyle when they get dressed in the morning.